Model Daul Kim Commits Suicide In Paris

The writing was on the wall. Twenty-year-old model Daul Kim, who authorities believe committed suicide yesterday, gave indications that she felt pressured by the fashion industry on her blog, I Like to Fork Myself, and in interviews. “I’m usually very miserable, so I reward myself with a fur coat every year,” Kim told RUSSH magazine in October. On Oct. 30, she wrote on her blog that she “was mad depressed and overworked.” Another entry reads: “the more i gain the more lonely it is … i know i’m like a ghost.” And her last entry, dated Nov. 18, was titled “say hi to forever” and she embedded British singer Jim Rivers’ “I Go Deep” video. Her boyfriend, who wished not to be named in the press, found Daul hanged in her Paris apartment the day after that.Daul is the ninth South Korean celebrity to commit suicide in a little more than a year. According to 2007 figures, 18.7 out of every 100,000 people commit suicide in South Korea, making the nation the third among the 30 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development member nations in terms of suicide per head of population. She is remembered in one of the “Model Diaries” above, which she compiled for New York magazine’s The Cut blog during Fashion Week; the video gives us a touching and personal glimpse into her life. [The Cut, Gawker, Herald Sun]