Jude Law Throws Oranges At Obnoxious NYU Kids

Jude Law is an accomplished actor, infamous cheater, impregnator of some random model in Florida, and now, a fruit thrower. Law has been performing onstage in “Hamlet” in New York City recently and he rented an apartment in downtown Manhattan. It just so happens his swank bachelor pad is right next to an NYU freshman dormitory, Hayden Hall, with a balcony in full view of the students. An incredible crib like this probably rents for close to $10,000 a month (no, I’m not kidding), which would explain why Law got pissy when freshmen called out to him from their bedroom windows. One freshman told The New York Post that when she screamed at him during a yoga session on his balcony, he went into his apartment, grabbed two oranges, and threw them at the kids. Both oranges missed, so he apparently went back into the apartment for two more oranges, and finally one smashed against the window. “Now we don’t like Jude Law anymore,” said one of the screaming girls.

Poor guy. Eighteen-year-old girls, don’t pester Hamlet when he’s trying to do the downward dog! If you’re going to go to college in Manhattan, it’s time to learn how to behave yourselves around celebrities, kiddies. [New York Post]