Twihards In Their 30s And 40s Are … Odd

I’m pretty fascinated by this article in Details about die-hard “Twilight” fans in their 30s and 40s who are visiting Forks, Washington, for a “Twilight” convention. I used to think these so-called “Twimoms” were absolutely nuts, but now I just sort of feel bad for them. The women admit that they are in loveless, boring marriages and that for them, “Twilight”—specifically Edward—is an escape from the drone of daily life. Most of them drool over this made-up character because they think he’s the closest to an expressive, passionate man they can get. But that doesn’t mean these women aren’t uber weird. After the jump, a few of their strangest habits …

  • One woman, Lynn Robbins, wears topaz-colored contact lenses, because in the first “Twilight” book, Bella tells Edward that her favorite gemstone is topaz because of the color of his eyes.
  • These women actually use the phrase “O.M.E.” Yes, that’s “Oh my Edward.” Yes, these are grown women.
  • Some of these 30- and 40-somethings admit to thinking about Edward when they’re sleeping. That is, they have erotic dreams about a fictional character while lying next to their husbands.
  • Many of them have visited Forks, Washington, where the books take place, multiple times. They have read the whole series waaaay more than once and go to see the movies whenever they can.

This whole thing is just … awkward.