Star Couplings: Is Paris Hilton In An Abusive Relationship?

  • Paris Hilton is denying she and Doug Reinhardt got into another drunken fight and the LAPD were called to her house. [The Superficial] — Even heiresses can be abused, Paris.
  • Model Jessica White has confirmed that she and Sean Penn were an item, but have broken up. Robin Wright Penn filed for divorce less than a month ago. [Us Weekly] — Does this mean their marriage is actually over this time?
  • Rosie O’Donnell admitted on her Sirius Satellite radio show that her partner of five years, Kelli Carpenter, moved out two years ago. All of this was revealed with the help of a chihuahua and a pet psychic. [People]

  • Remember last year when Lisa Raye split from Turks & Caicos’ Prime Minister Michael Misick because he was cheating with TV personality Rocsi? Well, it turns out homeboy had two mistresses; the other one was Tania Mehra from “My Antonio.” [The Young, Black & Fabulous] — What dogs, Michael and the mistresses!
  • Tom Cruise arranged an early third anniversary celebration for Katie Holmes Saturday because the couple won’t be together on their actual anniversary date. He rented out the entire third floor of a Boston restaurant so they could dine alone. [Starpulse] — I would say that’s romantic, but it’s Tom Cruise. Who would want to be alone with him?