Quickies: Lady Gaga As Her Natural Self & Mariah Carey Is Denied Doves And Kittens

  • Lady Gaga, four years ago performing at NYU under her birth name and in her bare feet, stuns the judges with talent. They loved how she can “blow, sing, and tickle the keys.” [NYU Local] — Love it.
  • A New York bride sued her wedding photographer for posting semi-nude pictures of her on his professional website after she explicitly told him not to photograph her while she denuded. [Gothamist] — Strange. And I’m happy my photographer was awesome.
  • The maid café trend in Japan is here to stay and competition is really fierce for the 217 eateries, where things keep getting crazier and crazier. [CNNGo]

  • Ruh-roh, is Tila Tequila losing her marbles? [NY Daily News]
  • Elizabeth Hasselbeck may be a plagiarizer, but she won’t be facing penalties since her accuser’s lawyer didn’t file the necessary paperwork in time. [Celebitchy] — I bet her seventh grade English teacher’s blood is boiling.
  • Nerds go nude for charity. Twenty-four guys and girls from London Tech got nekkid just for you. [Huffington Post] — Cute!
  • Mariah Carey will not be joining 100 doves and 20 kittens onstage for her London Christmas concert because of health concerns. [StarPulse] — It’s like the abominable snowman ruining Christmas all over again!
  • Robert Downey Jr. talks about possibly ending his acting career in Entertainment Weekly’s new issue. [EW] — Say it ain’t so. Keep on keeping on, we say.