7 Sexy Hospital Shows Will Be On TV Next Season — Enough Already?

Last week, Hayden Panettiere announced that she was making the quantum leap to behind the camera, executive producing a new show for the CW called “HMS.” Billed as a younger “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show will be set at Harvard Medical School. We don’t know much more than that about the plot, but we do know that it will make medical school look glamorous and sexy, which we don’t get because hospitals are the least sexy places ever — or they were before a plethora of TV hospital dramas arrived to set our emotions on an IV drip. [ET]

Honestly, I’m not sure this is the best move for Hayden. Prime time seems stacked full of shows where doctors and nurses canoodle and have sex with each other in supply closets, on operating tables, in ambulances, and even in their own homes. On these assorted series, doctors and doctors shack up. Interns and surgeons do it. Everyone eyes each other during heart transplants across the operating room table. Anything goes in the mythical hospitals of today’s boob tube, set to sexy music by the Fray, Coldplay, and sometimes Muse.

Hospital shows have a long history on television, starting with “Medic” in 1954 and extending to “M*A*S*H,” ‘General Hospital,” and “Doogie Howser, M.D.” Here’s a look at all the sexy hospital shows “HMS” will have to compete with next season.

Grey’s Anatomy
This show really brought sexy doctor TV shows to the next level with Dr. Meredith Grey and her sexy doc self. She does it with all sorts of people, one of them being so sexy that his nickname is McDreamy. Her less sexually experienced friends follow suit and start making the “rounds.” You can cut the sexual tension with a knife. A surgical knife. Seattle Grace Hospital is the sexiest hospital ever to be on TV. And what a soundtrack.

You know how people always say that a sense of humor is the sexiest trait a human being can posses? Well, since “Scrubs” is the only comical hospital drama on TV, it gets points for that. Plus, cast members like Sarah Chalke (the second Becky on “Roseanne”!), Zach Braff, and Donald Faison are just H-O-T.

While “House” the TV show isn’t super sexy, House the person is, in that “lost boy” sort of way. He pretty much holds down the show with the sexual tension he has with each and every character, regardless of gender. The program has a few other sexy characters too, like Olivia Wilde. And sometimes there are Dr. House sex scenes!

Nurse Jackie
Edie Falco in the title role may not be considered traditionally attractive, but the show makes up for that with the amount of sex she has. She does it with her husband and a slew of other hospital staffers. Other characters in scrubs are doing it all the time too — even the cute chubby nursing assistant.

“Mercy” is kind of a rip-off of “Nurse Jackie,” but with some awkward overdone references to the Iraq War and more attractive characters. The show’s main character has sexytime with her husband and some doctor. Another nurse is doing it with a hospital cop. It’s still early in the season, but people are already starting to get frisky with each other at this hospital. Anything is bound to happen — even to Michelle Trachtenberg.

It won’t be on next season, but it kind of should be. “ER” really paved the way for the sexy hospital shows of today with its George Clooneys and Noah Wyles. The partner swapping on this show made it seem like “Beverly Hills, 90210.” By the time it was canceled, everyone had sex with everyone. There was just no sex left to be had. That was actually why it was canceled. Maybe.

Private Practice
Let’s face it: this spin-off stole the smokingest character from “Grey’s Anatomy”—Dr. Addison Shepherd—and put her in a private office with a collection of sexy people. And have you seen Kate Walsh in those car commercials lately? Yowza.

All right, so that is seven libidinous medical dramas that “HMS” will have to contend with (yet for “ER,” only in syndication). I predict that unless Hayden plans on making some cameos herself, this will be the next “TBL: The Beautiful Life.” It even has a similar initials thing going on.