Meet The Frisky Crew At Work!

Hey! The other day I brought my camera to the Frisky offices, and I took some pictures! Would you like to meet some of the Frisky editorial team? Of course you would!

First up, we have Amelia. If this site came from a womb, it was Amelia’s. [And now I am barren. Kidding! — Editor] She is our lead editor and fearless leader. One time she told me that she rules with an iron glove clutching a bouquet of flowers. Or something like that. [Iron fist of flowers, actually.] Whatever that means, it works. Meet more of the Frisky ladies after the jump!

This is Catherine. She’s Amelia’s right-hand woman. She’s talking in this photo, which is why she looks like that. She may look polite, but she gets kind of wild at staff parties.

This is Annika. She’s another Frisky-er who’s been around since the beginning of the Frisky. She’s nice, but I wouldn’t, you know, want to cross her. She writes about pretty much everything you could think of, and all the stuff you couldn’t think of, and then some more stuff on top of that.

This is Erin. Erin is our style editor. Erin knows everything there is to know about fashion. Don’t think she doesn’t. She also has a YSL purse. I thought about stealing it, but didn’t.

This is Kate. Kate is our news editor. Last week, she made me write about a woman who lost her face in a chimpanzee attack. She also loaned me her key to the office bathroom more than once. Thanks, Kate.

This is Wendy. Isn’t she adorable? Yes, she is. Wendy blogs a lot and writes our Dear Wendy advice column. Got a problem? Ask her. Not me.

This is Joanne. She’s our copy editor. Thank God for Joanne, we say every day. Joanne was a little tired on the day I took this photo. We’ll try and do better, Joanne! Wait — is it 10 or ten???

This is Jessica. Miss Jessica covers everything from lady issues to getting spanked. Her boots were made for walking all over the internet.

Of course, there are many other fabulous members of the Frisky editorial team, and a whole team of other Frisky folks who keep this site running. Thanks for reading! XOX.

All photographs by Susannah Breslin.