Forbes’ List Of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Stars Contains Only One Chick

Ceaseless listmaker Forbes Magazine has rolled out yet another roundup and this one is about Hollywood’s most overpaid stars. Forbes’ peeps looked at how much each flick made compared to the celeb’s salary. We weren’t surprised to see that only one of the top 10 overpaid stars was a woman—Drew Barrymore. Obvs! Women have a lot of problems in this world, but getting overpaid is not one of them. Will Ferrell came in at numero uno because his last movie made a measly $3.29 for every dollar he was paid. After the jump, the other uber-paid offenders.

  1. Ewan McGregor’s films rake in just $3.75 for every dollar he earns.
  2. Billy Bob Thornton brought in $4.
  3. Eddie Murphy pissed off investors with a flick that brought in $4.43 on the dollar.
  4. Ice Cube, you almost made it to $5! But not quite—$4.77.
  5. Tom Cruise doesn’t care if his flicks make moolah. He has Scientology! Nice job, dude, you brought in $7.18 for every dollar.
  6. Drew Barrymore, the only girl, had a return of investment of $7.43.
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio disappointed with $7.52.
  8. Samuel L. Jackson nearly cleared $9, but came up short with $8.59.
  9. Jim Carrey’s films made a whopping $8.62. Good thing he’s funny, ’cause his numbers aren’t.