Just What You Need: The Coat That’s A Tent!

Sure, a tent-coat combo sounds like an utterly ridiculous piece of clothing (it sort of looks more like a scarf than a coat, if you ask me), but these days who wouldn’t want one? I mean, hello? Just think about it: We are smack in the middle of sample sale season. What does that mean? Many long lines on sidewalks in not-so-nice weather—who wants to stand in rain/hail/cold winds when you can stroll up in your coat-tent, pitch the thing and spend those waiting hours out of the elements? And, with the newest “Twilight” installment upon us, all I’m seeing are hordes of cold potential moviegoers camped out in front of movie theaters waiting for their chance to see the vamps tomorrow. Wouldn’t a tent-coat make those nights spent on line more pleasurable? So, I ask you again, who wouldn’t want one? [Inventor Spot]