Are These Wedding Dresses Fug Or What?

I’m a regular watcher of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.” Why? I have no idea. If you’ve never seen it, the reality show takes place at Kleinfeld Bridal, a huge bridal store in Manhattan. Each half-hour episode follows three or four brides shopping for their wedding gowns. Usually, some hijinks occur. A mom is mean to a bride! Somebody cries! A husband sees the dress before the wedding! For sure, women have diverse tastes when it comes to what to get married in, from the totally conservative to the downright weird. But there’s a certain type of bride who likes a certain type of dress. She’ll start out by saying she wants a gown with a “wow factor.” Something that “glitters.” Something that’s “over the top!” Then, she’ll mention her favorite designer by name; invariably, it’s Pnina Tornai. Take this one, for example. It’s Aphrodite meets Liberace by way of silver lamé. Fug of fantastical? Sound off in the comments. More after the jump…

Little Bo Peep, did you lose your sheep on the way down the aisle?

I don’t get this one. It looks like underwear. Aren’t you supposed to look “off the market”?