Apparently, Men’s Sample Sizes Run Teeny-Tiny, Too

Most designer clothing for women is sized ridiculously small (we’re looking at you, Alexander Wang), and the sample sizes that dress the models on the runway can be even more petite. It hadn’t really occurred to us that the same extreme proportions would apply to male models until New York magazine revealed that the Olympic fencer Jason Rogers was cut as a walker from Louis Vuitton’s Paris show because he couldn’t fit into the pants. Come on, this Hottie McHotterson is too fat for the runway? Says Rogers, “The day before, I went to the fitting and they couldn’t fit my legs into the pants … Athletes have strong legs, right? So I guess their suits were particularly slim that season, so I couldn’t fit into anything in the show, so I ended up not walking.” Bummer. Rogers is still signed with a modeling agency, and we hope he resists the manorexic pressures of the industry. []