Waffle Fries, No Deep Fryer Required

Waffle fries are the holy grail of French fries for me, and it’s not always easy to find them when I have a craving (or they’re so weighed down with grease they’re soggy — ugh). Luckily, I came across Alexia FoodsCrunchy Snacks Waffle Fries at the grocery today. They don’t need fried or cooked, and their texture is a cross between a fry and a chip; mostly crispy, but soft on the inside. The hot pepper flavor is spicy and delicious, and everyone in The Frisky office wanted to steal them from me. While the fries aren’t exactly health food, they are all natural with no artificial preservatives, flavoring, or coloring. So, now I have access to my beloved waffle fries wherever I want, which will be awesome provided I don’t overdo it — I still have three more flavors to try.