Robert Pattinson Is A Wimp, Not A Romantic

Ladies, we have this habit of assuming an actor is just like his most famous character. Take Robert Pattinson for instance, with his rumored body odor and greasy hair. Would we think he was so hot if we weren’t imagining him as a sparkly, rock-hard, ferocious-when-necessary vampire? Doubtful. And he continues to bust our bubble by insisting he’s really not a romantic person in real life. “I haven’t done that many romantic things in my life,” he said at a press conference. Rob admitted to putting a flower in a girl’s locker when he was a teen, but said she thought it was another guy, and he let the wrong guy take credit for the romantic gesture. He also said he would never serenade a woman, even though he’s a musician. “Oh, no! I don’t think that would ever be romantic. You need to have so much balls to do that. Jesus Christ! I actually can’t think of a single romantic thing I’ve ever done. That’s terrible,” he added. No, that’s not terrible; that’s wimpy. I guess, we’ll have to continue to envision Edward Cullen watching us sleep, instead. [Starpulse]