Leighton Meester’s Bizarre (But Cool) Eye Shadow Trick

First, ignore the fact that not only did Leighton Meester play up her lips (bright red!), but also her eyes (major smokey shadow!) at the same time—I’m not a fan, but, hey, rules are created to be broken. Instead, let’s focus on the crazy interesting eye shadow trick she’s got going on: Shadow in her crease, shadow above her eye, but no shadow (or at least a totally different and light shadow) on her eyelids. While I’m not advising you do that for anything other than a red carpet appearance, I do think you could copy that trick with less jarring colors and it’d look pretty freaking awesome. I’m feeling a lighter wash of, say, peachy brown?

Here’s how to do it …

Just avoid brushing your eyelids with shadow as much as possible. Then, to clean up the look and make a distinct line between the shadowed crease of your eye and the non-shadowed lid, take a Q-tip with a bit of makeup remover on it and run it over your entire lid, picking up any shadow remnants. Then apply a bit of cream concealer—a teeny amount—to the lid to get a clean palette and surface to work with. From there, either apply another, lighter shadow (methinks Leighton may have gone with some sparkle), or leave it as is. Hey, if you’re feeling frisky some night, why not?