Is Madonna A Fashion Has-Been?

madonna instyle 1009 111709 g1 jpg
I’ve noticed lately that many fashion magazines and blogs are referencing Madonna‘s style from eras past, as they’ve often done. Take, for instance, this mini photo spread from the October 2009 issue of InStyle, in which Madonna’s style influence is evident on three of today’s biggest pop stars — Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. The only problem is the most recent look from Madonna that is reinterpreted is from 1994, which makes me wonder if anyone takes their fashion cues from her present style. Don’t get me wrong, Madonna is still fashionable, but is she also setting trends like she used to or is she simply following the fashion pack? Check out 10 of her recent looks, decide for yourself, and let me know your verdict in the comments. I’m sure you’ll definitely notice a color theme.
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