Designer David Meister’s Tricks For Flattering Dresses

Fashion designer David Meister is known for his amazing dresses — the Hollywood elite like Diane Lane, Sharon Stone, Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson, and Tina Fey can’t stop wearing his gowns on the red carpet — and last night, at an event hosted by All the Looks, David spoke about what it’s like to make clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. While David says it would be a dream to dress Angelina Jolie (“She’s stunning”), he’s all about creating clothes that can be worn by more than one kind of woman. “None of us would make a living if we were only dressing models,” said David. “It would be beautiful, but we wouldn’t make any money.”

The range of ladies David has dressed is expansive: from “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe to Sharon Stone, who David said can “bury young Hollywood” the way she wears clothes. How can similar styles look good on such varied women? “If it’s well designed,” David said, “it’ll work on a lot of different body types.” In fact, David is all about “fit, fit, fit,” saying it doesn’t matter whether a dress costs $49 or thousands, the way it works on your body is what matters. That, and stretch or knit fabrics ensure clothes will flatter all shapes.

What about us gals who aren’t attending movie premieres? David said our closets should include three important dresses: a black jersey dress, a brightly colored dress, and a ball gown. The last one, David advised, we should have “just in case! What if someone calls you up last minute and you don’t have one ready to go?” Sounds like we have to go shopping! To make sure we find shapes that flatter our best features, David suggested trying styles we normally shun: “Always pick up one or two things you’re not sure about; the fitting room door locks, and no one can see what they look like but you.”