It’s Hard To Find Love When You Have 300 Orgasms A Day

Michelle Thompson suffers from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, a condition which makes her orgasm about 300 times a day. Sweet, I have to imagine, but it probably gets in the way when she’s trying to shop for groceries, or do her taxes or, as it turns out, when she’s trying to build a relationship. Michelle says she used to wear men out. She said, about a man she dated for five years, “By the time we broke up, he was exhausted, he left as a defeated man.” And most men give up much more easily.Enter Michelle’s neighbor, Andrew Carr, who for the last six months has been having sex with Michelle 10 times a day, and who assures her that he’ll wear her out before she exhausts him. Ten times a day is still 30 climaxes per act of intercourse for her. That’s about 10 times luckier than I’ve ever got—and I’m a lucky woman. “Andrew has changed my life. I’m no longer looking for a cure for my orgasms—I’ve found it,” Michelle says.

I want to be happy for you, Michelle, but now I’m just 300 times more jealous. [Sify News]