“Unfriending” Is Oxford Dictionary’s 2009 Word Of The Year

First Facebook took over your personal life; now it’s taking over your dictionary. Well, only the New Oxford American Dictionary. Those wordy peeps have chosen the verb “unfriend”—as in, I unfriended Joey so he’d stop pestering me to play that stupid Mafia Wars game!—as their 2009 word of the year, which means it’s been added to their massive publication. “Tramp stamp” and “funemployed” are also new words Oxford included in the dictionary, but (luckily) “unfriend” is the only one we have personal experience with. After the jump, The Frisky’s tales from the trenches of “unfriending!” [Oxford University Press Blog]

I “unfriended” a friend of a friend. We made out one night at our mutual friend’s house party. It was H-O-T and a little public for my taste, but when the chemistry is right, you just can’t fight the feelin’! Supposedly, Casanova accidentally lost my number, so he called our mutual friend to get it the next day and told him he was butt crazy for me. Our mutual friend then called me to say that this guy couldn’t wait to double date once we were an item, totally puffing up my expectations. Then, I got a text from the guy about how amazing I was and how he couldn’t wait to see me when he got back from business trip. Alas, I should have remembered, flattery is just hot air! Two weeks went by with nothing but a friend request on MySpace—how old skool! (And pathetic.) But I accepted hoping it would reopen the make-out door of opportunity and sent him a “How was your trip?” email tease. He didn’t email me back. Or call. Or show any love. So, I unfriended him.  Guess next party, I’ll have to suck face with someone else

I “unfriended” a guy I was dating for a few months after he suddenly stopped returning my texts, calls, and emails. About a week later I was on Facebook and my news feed said “John Doe” is in a relationship with “Jane Smith”—not me. When I clicked on his page, his status said, “John Doe is so in love with his girlfriend.” I almost died. That’s the only person who I’ve ever “unfriended.”

Last week I accepted this guy’s “friend request” because he was already friends with one of my friends. Right after I accepted, the guy sent me a message with the subject “Hey Princess,” saying how happy he was that I had accepted him as a friend and how beautiful I was, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I went to his page to see who this dude actually was and right then he sent me an IM. That’s when I saw he had a crazy look in his eye! So I “unfriended” him. We were “friends” for a total of five minutes.

I unfriended my ex. It was one hurdle on my road to sobriety because I kept checking it to see if he had any activity. Now I can’t and I feel much better.

I’ve never “unfriended” cause who cares? But I’ve been “unfriended,” mostly by former gentleman friends.

I’ve only “unfriended” creepy guys. One was a dude from high school who was oblivious to how un-interested I am in him and wouldn’t stop writing overly-friendly, embarrassing messages on my wall. Another was my girl friend’s male roommate who has a pretty sad drinking problem. He’d IM me on Facebook late at night while he was drunk, which was often. I just didn’t want to be bothered with that anymore!

I “unfriended” my ex-fiance, for obvious reasons. Although looking back, I wish I hadn’t “unfriended” him. I would like for him to see how fabulous my life is without him in it, as well as how I got skinnier, while he got bloated. Is that mean of me? Whatevs.

I “unfriended” a guy I know who’d been a professional acquaintance more than a friend. I “unfriended” him after I found out from his now ex-girlfriend—a casual friend of mine—that he had beat her up. He denies it, but I saw the bruises (bad ones) and trust her story completely. I “unfriended” him because I would never want to be associated with someone who could do something so despicable, but also because I wanted to send him a clear message that I believed her and wasn’t going to be like so many who decided to remain “impartial” and to “stay out of it.”

I “unfriended” my mom after I realized I did not want her reading all my status updates. Or looking at my photos. Or … anything.