Today’s Lady News: Military Police Arrest A Single Mom For Refusing Deployment

  • Specialist Alexis Hutchinson, an Army cook, was arrested by military police and contained at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, after she refused deployment to Afghanistan by not showing up for her flight. Hutchinson, a 21-year-old single mother, said she hasn’t been able to find care for her 10-month-old son, Kamani, while she is gone, explaining that her mother is overwhelmed by caring for three sick relatives. Hutchinson’s attorney said one of her superiors told her Kamani would be placed in foster care if Hutchinson couldn’t find care during her deployment. A spokesperson for Hunter Army Airfield said he does not know what Hutchinson was told by her superior, but she wouldn’t be deployed unless she could find Kamani care. Hutchinson’s mother ended up flying from California to Georgia to pick up Kamani anyway, since her daughter could face charges from the Army for going AWOL. [AP]

  • The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating a dozen unnamed universities in the Washington, D.C. area to see if admissions practices are favoring male applicants. [Washington Post]
  • David Allen Tyner, 28, has turned himself in to police regarding the alleged murder of four women, including Brooke Phillips, a prostitute who appeared on the HBO show “Cathouse.” However, Tyner has not yet been formally charged, as police believe other suspects are still at large. Two of the women, Phillips and Milagrous, were pregnant at the time they were killed, so Tyner’s arrest warrant had him wanted for six deaths. [ABC News]
  • Sarah Palin will give a speech on Dec. 2 at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri, but has banned the media from covering the event. [] — Not even Oprah?
  • Sara Bostwick, a newlywed from Long Island, NY, has sued her wedding photographer, Carolyn Monastra of Christian Oth Studio, after pics of her in her bridal underwear were posted online. The lawsuit claims Monastra was specifically asked not to photograph Bostwick as she dressed on her big day, but the groom found photos of his new bride in various states of undress on Christian Oth Studio’s website. [New York Daily News]
  • A jury gave almost $2.5 million to Michelle Maher, 39, who was a victim of gender discrimination when the Fresno Fire Department in California forced her out of its training academy in 2005. Maher was asked to resign, or risk being expelled, after she scored below 80 percent on an exam while her male colleagues were given chances to improve. A supervisor at the academy also repeatedly asked her about her divorce and suggested she was not doing a good job because she was a single mom. [Mercury News]


  • An Iraqi woman named Anwar Ali, a translator for The New York Times, was out on a reporting trip and was able to coax a would-be female suicide bomber to confess something she hadn’t told police. [New York Times]
  • A British man claimed he killed his wife in his sleep because he was dreaming she was a burglar who had broken into their motor home. [BBC]—Maybe that guy should be friends with the dude who claimed he only raped a woman because he was sleepwalking.