The Secret To Perfect Skin Is Simpler Than You Think

Unless you are very, very lucky, many women spend tons of money and time in the pursuit of perfect skin. No one seems to stop buying products, and new treatments continue to come out, so it would seem nearly no one achieves the goal.

Dr. Ellen Marmur, chief of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, recently went on CBS’s “The Early Show” to talk about the subject, and some of her tips were very surprising. The first issue (which we’re all guilty of), is in fact treating the problem too much. “Many women and men use too many products, like exfoliating way too much,” says Marmur. In the end, she suggests, if you don’t know what the product is going to do for you, then chuck it. Which also debunks the myth that you have to spend a lot on fancy creams and lotions: “You can do that for 100 bucks a year. That’s less than 50 cents a day.” When it comes to those products, one of the most important ones is a moisturizer, and it can be something out of the drugstore isle. While you might think of a nice cream as something that’s supposed to smooth your skin and even out your complexion, it’s more about protection, especially from the sun. Dr. Marmur explains, “Multitask your moisturizer with sun protection in it, and keep reapplying it. If you need to do it five times a day, that’s great.” Five times a day?! That seems like a lot, but speaks to the importance of guarding your face against the things that will mess it up in the first place.

Dr. Marmur calls her system “PET” for protect, enhance, and troubleshoot. Sounds more like KISS to us: Keep it simple, stupid! [CBS]