How To Rock Lip Liner The Right Way

Do you use lip liner? Mostly I find it a waste of time, but there are loads of reasons why I should get on the lip liner bandwagon: Lip color has more staying power, color doesn’t “bleed” or feather out of your lip borders and your lips do look ever so slightly bigger when they’re lined. Now for the reason why I don’t wear it—it’s got a bad rep. All I think of when I hear lip liner are those early ’90s looks with the very visible, two-different-toned lips where all you saw was a line traced around the mouth that was many shades darker than the actual lip color.

Well, Marion Cotillard proves, above, that lip liner can be subtle and you don’t even have to wear dark, heavy, matte lipstick to make it work. Here she is, working the red carpet last night with a pretty and chic pout. If you look really closely at the blown-up photo, you’ll notice the lip liner. So how do you make liner work for you? Well … Instead of just tracing a ring around your lips, line your upper and lower lips and then fill in your pucker with the same liner. (Look for one that’s a shade or two pinker than your normal lip color—subtle is the key here.) That way it’s sure to be all one defining color and you won’t get caught with half your lip color rubbing off to expose just the liner. Finish the look up with a light coating of gloss … done!

You think you’ll try a liner?