Robin Givens Gets In The Ring With Oprah Over Mike Tyson Interview

Robin Givens really wanted to “sock” Oprah Winfrey after her recent interview with Mike Tyson. Why? When discussing the couple’s 1988 interview with Barbara Walters, Tyson told the Big O that Robin was telling lies about claims of domestic violence. Tyson said, “At that particular moment, I truly wanted to sock her, but I just didn’t do it. I have socked her before, and she socked me before, as well. It was just that kind of relationship.” Sure sounds like domestic violence to me. I wonder what it was that Givens was lying about? And oddly, the audience laughed at this comment and an out-of-character Oprah was silent. Well, Givens was not silent about her feelings about it. She was “really, really hurt” by the laughter and Oprah’s silence. But the round went to Givens. Oprah apologized for her insensitivity. “In that moment, I will tell you, I felt that I should have said something. I felt that I should have said, ‘Audience, that isn’t funny,'” Oprah said of the interview with Tyson. “I would say to you and to every woman who’s ever been hit, I feel that I did not handle that as well as I should have. So I apologize to you and to every woman who has ever been in that situation.” Phew … I almost had to stop watching “Oprah” forever. [PopEater]