Quickies: Lindsay Lohan’s Newest Tantrum & Oprah’s Star-Making Powers At Work Again

  • More out-of-control Lindsay Lohan behavior: this time, she apparently tried to scam clothes during a recent Kitson appearance. [Fox News] — Another day, another cry for help from La Lohan. Poor dear.
  • Test your knowledge of Victorian era sexual slang. [TresSugar] — You’ll learn just how “gay” the Gay ’90s were.
  • A German model was charged with trying to extort $100,000 from Cindy Crawford and her husband after threatening to release a stolen photo to the tabloids. [L.A. Times]

  • Oprah’s interior designer follows in the footsteps of Drs. Oz and Phil by getting his own TV show. [N.Y. Times] — Is there nothing Oprah can’t do at this point?
  • More than 30 years after his death — and against his will — Vladimir Nabakov’s final novel has now been published. [BBC News]
  • After a devastating accident, a British man lives anew with a remote control system that has given him a “bionic bottom,” as he calls it. [ABC News] — Better, stronger, faster … bowels. We have rebuilt him. We had the technology.
  • A Beverly Hills company has created perfumes based on the DNA of several dead celebrities. [NY Daily News] — Marilyn Monroe, I can see. Michael Jackson, sure. But I’m just not convinced that someone would want to smell even remotely like Richard Nixon.
  • Adorable children in designer clothes, just because. [Refinery29]