Get Ready For Sex On The Moon In 2012

Just a few days ago, it was announced that water was found on the moon. Shortly after came the news that there will be a hotel in space by 2012. Which will obviously be super convenient, since the earth is slated to crumble that year. Xavier Claramunt, the founder/president of the Galactic Suite Space Resort, says, “Tourists come to the hotel with all the necessary items to stay, as if they were staying at the most extreme refuge on earth.” In his magical resort, wealthy patrons can spend about $1,496,499 a night to watch the sun rise 15 times a day, killing the romance of that once precious sight. They’ll be orbiting around the Earth every couple hours, which, if reality is anything like science fiction, will age them years and years. The price tag doesn’t include the rocket trip into space, or the airfare to the Caribbean where the airstrip will be built for these launches. Plus, the project will cost nearly $5 billion to build. Most critics say this won’t be a reality for at least another 15 years. And who knows how long it’ll be before a moon vacation is affordable for the Ramen and comic book crowd. Hopefully the suites will come equipped with hover boards, astronaut ice cream, and Tang made from moon water. But, most importantly, we’ll finally know what it’s like to do it sans gravity! [Asylum]

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