Anthony Michael Hall Accused Of Stalking And Attacking His Ex

Watching “Sixteen Candles” and “Weird Science,” it’s hard to imagine Anthony Michael Hall as anything but a sweet, docile, adorable little dude. But according to the New York Post that is so not the case. Allegedly, he stalked and assaulted Diana Falzone, his ex-girlfriend, a TV and radio host. According to court docs they dug up, Hall arrived at Falzone’s apartment last Tuesday morning, beating on her door and threatening to kick it in. She finally let him in, and he allegedly assaulted her, hitting her head against a wall. Falzone got a temporary restraining order against Hall and the hearing over the incident will begin next week. Evidently, Hall has bipolar disorder and some history of not taking his medication. In 2003, while he was starring in “The Dead Zone,” Hall was sued by an insurance company for not disclosing the disorder after he had a mysterious episode that landed him in the hospital. Hall also had a drinking problem when he was younger and said of the time, “I sometimes got in fights and punched people in the face.” But he’d seemed reformed since then.

Geez, this is just not what I’d expected from him. Dimples sure can be deceptive. [NY Post]