10 Situations Where An Invisibility Cloak Would Come In Handy

If you thought the idea of an invisibility cloak was a bunch of Harry Potter nonsense, think again. Researchers in London have been given an absurdly large (about $2 million) grant to make this magical invention. OMG! That’s so cool! I bet you’re wondering how in the world that’s possible. Scientists believe they can mold an invisibility cloak from some insane material that would theoretically grab hold of light waves and make them flow smoothly around an object, in the same way that water in a river flows round a stick. Can’t say I understand all the physics involved, but I’ve already started daydreaming about what kind of mischief I will get into when I get my invisibility cloak. Here are 10 situations where it will come in handy. [Daily Mail]

  1. To spy on your ex without revealing yourself as a psycho.
  2. To avoid being seen when you’re too lazy to do your hair or makeup.
  3. To sneak into Johnny Depp’s [or insert your favorite celebrity crush here] house and watch him shower without getting arrested.
  4. To slip on to an overbooked flight to Paris … for free!
  5. To sit in on closed-door meetings at work.
  6. To listen to what your friends are saying about you when you leave the room.
  7. To follow your crush around for a day or two and find out if he’s worth your time.
  8. To sneak backstage after your favorite band plays a set.
  9. So no one can see you, the drunken fool doing stupid dance moves.
  10. To snoop around the White House and forge Obama’s signature on legislation that is taking too long to pass. (Ahem … health care reform).