Should I Get A Cut Or Color First?

I go to two separate hairdressers for my cut and color, yet often I like to schedule both appointments within a few days of each other to take care of my hair as quick as I can. Perhaps you also have stylists you stay loyal to, or you’re pressed for time and need to make two different visits—which do you do first, the cut or the color? You may notice a lot of salons begin with highlights, as the dye normally goes on dry hair; then the trim once your color has set. You may, however, want to rethink this as cutting your hair post-dye can result in augmentation of your hue. Advises New York City hair and makeup artist Annamarie Tendler: “If you’re doing any type of highlights, cut your hair first. Sometimes when you color and then cut length off, you can get these weird stripy patterns where it’s short. However, if you’re doing all-over color (a single process), you can start with that.”

And now we know.