Quickies: True Or False Janet Jackson Rumors & Nicole Miller As Style Judge

  • Janet Jackson’s life hasn’t been scrutinized as much as Michael’s, but there are some interesting rumors that turned out to be true. [PopEater] — I don’t know about y’all, but I still believe the one about her child with James DeBarge.
  • Forever 21 is starting a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty magazine that’s slated to launch this Friday. [Black Book] — I wonder if “lifestyle” includes the religion of the parent company?
  • More Afghani women have access to birth control pills, but they still hide it from their husbands. [TrèsSugar] — This is one bittersweet situation when you consider the consequences for some Muslim women who disobey their husbands.

  • It’s very difficult to please designer Nicole Miller, who judged Stylelist’s third America’s Most Stylish Blogger challenge. [Lemondrop] — Well, at least we know now that a miniskirt is a very versatile wardrobe item.
  • The Chinese government apparently wanted their citizens to think that having sex involved rubbing bums together. [College Humor] — Yeah, I don’t think anyone could believe this was accurate.
  • Some people are still baffled by the “New Moon” trailer. [Cracked] — It wouldn’t be all that confusing if this dude read the book, but he does make some valid points — like why can’t Bella fall in love with a normal person?
  • If you’re dead-set on growing a mustache, but can’t figure out what kind will work for you, here’s a handy-dandy flowchart for some clarity. [Maxim]