Put Your Shirt Back On, Chloe

Fashion editors swooned over the lingerie trend on the runways. I’ll admit, I loved it too. A hint of sexiness is a great look — one which certain girls can pull off. But what I’ve recently learned is that when that particular trend made its way into reality, it simply doesn’t work. Chloe Sevigny just showed off her bra-as-a-top outfit at the Prada party in Los Angeles, and I’m kind of regretting my original love for the lingerie look. Sure, she’s a celeb and it’s a red carpet affair, but to me, and I’m sure most of the party-goers, it just looks like she walked out of the house in the middle of getting dressed. Am I the only one who thinks it looks just like she forgot to put on a shirt? It’s like a bad dream when you realize you’re not fully clothed, but this is reality. Yikes!