Enrique Iglesias Video Makes You Want To Wash Out Your Eyes. With Bleach.

This is, like, one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen. So bad that it’s almost fascinating in its horribleness. According to Michael K., this Enrique Iglesias “Sad Eyes” video dates back to 2000, but has supposedly never been seen. For good reason, methinks. In it, Enrique wanders around a hotel room, looking damp and touching himself in ambiguous-yet-erotic ways. Lonely, sad, and moist, he gets all obsessed with a girl on one of those chat lines who’s in those ads that are all, like, “CALL ME NOW.” He basically dry humps his TV and his computer. Later, the girl shows up in his dreams and … rides his stripper pole. And I mean that literally. His costar is a real porn star, Cassidey. I hope they got their happy ending. [Dlisted]