You Can’t Get Raped If You Dress Up Like A Coca-Cola Machine!

Rape sucks. So does getting mugged. But by disguising yourself as a life-sized Coca-Cola machine whenever you’re out late at night and feel threatened, you can hide from the bad guys! Seriously? Seriously. According to Bust magazine, Japanese designer Aya Tsukioka has invented an ankle-length skirt constructed from fabric that can be pulled upside down and assembled into a somewhat realistic-looking Coke machine (albeit one with feet poking out from the bottom). What inspired Tsukioka to make her safety skirt? She says a trick used by ninja assassins who would cloak themselves in black blankets in the dark.

Hopefully, while studying the ways of ninja assassins, Tsukioka picked up some self-defense moves that could actually save her because methinks this “Project-Runway”-challenge-gone-wrong won’t work. Here’s hoping she’s using the skirt as street theater to make a statement about the lengths women will go to in order to protect themselves. [Bust Magazine]