Do You Consider Your Skin Tone When Getting Dressed?

Love Julianne Moore. Don’t love Julianne’s choice of dress color. She looks a bit sickly, no? When it comes to picking out a dress or blouse, I swear people don’t bother to think about their skin tone. It’s funny because with anything makeup-related the first question is: “Will this work with my skin tone?” Um, hello, your top has to make just as much skin color sense as your shade of red lipstick!

Like Ms. Moore, I’m a pale person. Granted, I don’t have skin as pretty as hers, but I take serious pains to make sure I do my pale (and sometimes ghostly white) skin every possible favor. And that means never wearing this type of neutral, blah color—I let the more olive-skinned lady folk rock it, the women who always look great in this nude hue. Me, I buy loads of jewel-toned tops and, if I really want a nude or a neutral, I’ll wear it on my bottom half, so it doesn’t suck all the color out of my face and make me look green. What about you — do you consider skin tone when shopping or putting on your clothes every morning? Do you have a go-to color that always makes your skin look great?