“Charlie’s Angels” Heading Back To Your TV Set

“Good morning, Angels.” “Good morning, Charlie.” It’s been a decade since “Charlie’s Angels” was remade for the big screen, starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz. And now it looks like it may once again be a weekly TV show. Sony Pictures Television says that it is close to ordering a pilot of the new/old series, to air on ABC. And while there will be no Lucy or Cameron, Drew is a producer, as is original “Angels” co-creator, Leonard Goldberg. The show will be written by Josh Friedman, the dude behind “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” This is slightly awkward timing, considering that Farrah Fawcett just passed away this summer. But we’d definitely watch everyone’s favorite private detectives kick butt for an hour each week. One casting request—Eliza Dushku should definitely take over Jaclyn Smith’s role. She’s a free woman now that “Dollhouse” is canceled. Sigh. [EW]