Romantic Or Bizarre: Boyfriend Waits In Line For 12 Hours For H&M Jimmy Choos

And you thought you were testing the limits of devotion when you asked your guy to pick up some tampons for you. Here’s the story of a man who waited in line for 12 hours with his Jimmy Choo-obsessed girlfriend so she could be the first to score a pair just in from the hotly anticipated H&M collection: ” … while her fiance Will, 28, filled a flask with tea, donned his thermals, packed a rucksack with blankets and dug out a golf umbrella and a couple of camping chairs, Kate focused on the things that really mattered – the stuff bearing the legend ‘Jimmy Choo for H&M’,” writes the Daily Mail. Apparently, when this London branch of the chain opened its doors, Will wasn’t the only boyfriend doing some shopping. “Rob, a 26-year-old graduate student from Texas, had queued since 11pm for his girlfriend Brie’s Christmas present and maybe a couple of bags for eBay.”Wow, these guys must really, really, really love their ladies. (We’re not sure we’d even return the favor … waiting in line to help our manfriends score WWF tickets or new Xboxes? No, thank you.)

If he agreed to do this for you, would you either: a) wonder what freaky sexual fantasy he wants to convince you to take part in, or b) be cooing in your Choos? [Daily Mail]