Blind Item: Which Famous Couple Is Raising A Child That Is (Secretly) Only Half Theirs?

This “blind item” from Blind Gossip is so juicy that I can’t resist posting it here, in hopes you guys might have a theory as to who it’s about. Ready to put on your thinking caps?

“These two celebrity couples aren’t super close friends in public, but it’s clear that they know each other. Everyone knows that the male half of Couple A used to work with the female half of Couple B over a period of time. Yes, we know, there were rumors flying around at the time that those two were involved in an off-screen fling. Although it was good publicity for the project, it’s not true. But there was something more insidious going on behind the scenes. Something that didn’t make the tabloids…”

“It turns out the female half of Couple A and the male half of Couple B were both so distraught over the rumors that their mates were cheating on them that they wound up spending a lot of time comforting each other. The comforting became so frequent and so physical that it resulted in a pregnancy. Now Couple A raising a child that is only half theirs. Fortunately for them, the child looks more like the Couple A mother than the Couple B father, but those in the know can definitely see the Couple B father in the facial features. One additional hint: all of the people involved have been actors at some point.”

So, any theories? Shout ‘em out in the comments!