Amelia’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Mint Jodi Arnold Dress
  • Red Bird Cardigan/Vest
  • Club Monaco Boyfriend Blazer
  • Gap Tights
  • J. Crew High Heels
  • Botkier Bag
  • Fake Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Today is my 30th birthday! Whee! After my breakup I went through a long period of buying A LOT of dresses. For some reason, they gave me a little comfort, in a totally shallow way. Mint by Jodi Arnold is the dress designer I love the most, as I know they fit me like a glove and I adore her prints. Seriously, the amount of Mint in my closet is almost criminal. They should pay me, because I am practically a walking billboard. Anyhoo, I am having a little birthday dinner with the BF and friends tonight, so I’ll probably change into something fancier. Maybe I’ll take a pic of that outfit too, for the end of the week roundup…