Style Buzz: Mega Shoes And Marilyn Monroe DNA Perfume

  • Designer Tara Subkoff may not get the $175,000 her friends raised for her to recover from her brain tumor removal. The money’s currently being held by the New York Foundation for the Arts and it’s hard to tell whether it’s all a misunderstanding or there’s some shady business going on. [The Cut]
  • Daphne Guinness claims that those insane McQueen shoes everyone’s always talking about are actually pretty lightweight. Right *eyeroll*. [Fashionista]

  • We don’t know what it means, but there’s a company releasing perfume concocted with Marilyn Monroe’s DNA in mind. Yay? [The Boston Phoenix]
  • It’s all about redheads with really big hair. Alrighty then… [Refinery 29]
  • Classified Ads: Supermodel in search of design house to collaborate with. Call us, Claudia Schiffer. [Modelinia]