How To Keep Your Purse Organized

Dig into the recesses of my bag, and you’ll be sorry you did. In between lip glosses, notebooks, pens, and random pieces of jewelry, there’s bits of receipts, hair ties, and more clutter than I like to think about. Bag designer Monica Botkier — she of the truly covetable “it” bag line Botkier — is out to save women from their endless purse issues by getting down to the rules of keeping your handbag clean and clutter free. And I’m taking her advice, after the jump…

  • Use zippered pockets to stay organized.
  • Separate your gym items or evening items into a canvas bag.
  • Dump out your purse every day to sort out business cards and papers.
  • Keep cosmetics in their own personal case so lipsticks and eyeliners aren’t rolling around the bottom.
  • Always carry your wallet with a checkbook, keys, sunglasses, a hair tie, hand sanitizer, snacks for the road, and a change of shoes like flip-flops for walking.

If you have any other tips now is the time to share them. How do you keep your purse organized? [WSJ]