Ask The Astrosexologist: “Should I Risk Long-Term Potential For Youthful Freedom?”

I’m a Libra with a Cancer boyfriend. We’ve been together four years now. Currently, we’re going to college in different states a couple hours apart. The problem is, I want a chance to be single before I can consider getting married (which is definitely the path we’re headed down). The thought of talking to him about it pains me so much and I’ve been avoiding it. I love him, and I would never, EVER want to hurt him. Not to mention our lives are so intertwined, being not-completely-together would probably cause much awkwardness back home. To complicate matters, I have a Libra friend who apparently has serious feelings for me, and after a great deal of self-denial, I’ve realized I am extremely attracted to him. There’s a chemistry there that I lack with my boyfriend, BUT I think my boyfriend and I have the compatibility to one day make a great marriage. I am just nervous about settling down for life with someone I’ve been with since I was barely old enough to drive. What should I do? Risk the long-term with my boyfriend for youthful freedom, or stay committed to something that’s most likely a sure thing? – Indecisive Libra

There is no such thing as a sure thing in any relationship. What it boils down to is your quality of life and what will truly make you satisfied. To ensure it, YES, take that time out to sort things out and do what you must — think of it as your rumspringa, that period when Amish kids get to go out and go nuts doing whatever they want to help them make the committed decision to commit to an Amish lifestyle … because that is what is sounds like you need to do.

Obviously, you’re having doubts and they won’t go away unless you confront them now, not down the line when you are married and wondering “what if?” After all, who knows what actually may lie ahead? Maybe neither of these two guys or maybe it is the Cancer. Whatever the case, unless you give yourself space to be a fully realized individual, then you will always wonder, and who wants to live life with regrets? To get any peace of mind, you are going to have to bite the bullet and gently let Cancer know what is up with you. While it won’t bode well for this super possessive sign, that isn’t something you should get caught up in because if he truly wants you to be happy for the higher good of it all, then he has to respect your wishes and this ultimately could be what makes you see what he is made of — good and bad. Otherwise, he’ll always have to wonder if he is getting you 100% or by default because of “charity.”

Think of it, if you were with him and he was wondering about what ifs, would you hold him back? No, you want a relationship with two people ready to be committed…and yes, it is common for Libras to have to swing back and forth to come up with a decision, which is even more reason you have to take this step and face music. Plus Saturn is in Libra right now, which means a restructuring of all that you know for a more solid foundation. Meaning it is good to question things right now and work it out, because this is your time to really make plans for the bigger picture, and learning what will make you happy and satisfied deep in your soul.

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