Would You Give Your Guy A “Man-gagement” Ring?

I didn’t coin the term “man-gagement ring,” so don’t blame me, but, according to ABC News, engagement rings for men are “having a moment.” Call it a clever marketing ploy, but as one NY jeweler said: “If you think about it, a woman is engaged and wears an engagement ring on her finger, oftentimes [for] north of a year. And a guy’s engaged during that same time and walks into a bar as a free man … so I think for $350, $400 for a woman to claim her territory, it’s catching on pretty quickly.” Um, ew. I’m not opposed to engagement rings for guys, but when they’re bought with the intention of claiming one’s territory or stripping a man’s freedom, it’s pretty gross. What do you guys think? Would you buy an engagement ring for your man? [via NYmag.com]