What Does “A Real Wife” Do? Let’s Ask Twitter

If you use Twitter, you know that in the lower right-hand corner of your page, there is always a list of the top 10 “trending topics” that tells you what everyone is tweeting about. Sometimes everyone’s got “paranormal activity” or Taylor Swift on the brain, but oftentimes, people sound off on random topic ideas. Fun, right?

Well, things “a real wife …” should do has become a trending topic on Twitter and just wait until you read the hardy-har-har list of things people have come up with! I know some people are being silly and joking, but it’s got to be some statement on gender roles if literally hundreds of people are suggesting “a real wife” should keep her man happy with food and sex. Or maybe these clowns are just confusing a real wife with “A Real Housewife”? After the jump, the most barf-tastic, as well as funniest, favorites. A real wife …

  • … watches the kids while you spend rent money at the strip club.
  • … will never argue with her husband in public.
  • … takes care of her man no matter what’s going on in her life.
  • … can cook!
  • … will do anything for you, love you, and adore you.
  • … is submissive!!!!
  • … lets her husband think he’s right.
  • … doesn’t argue about him going out with his boys every now and then. A man needs his space and alone time, too.
  • … doesn’t let herself go two years in. As a matter of fact, a real girlfriend doesn’t let herself go after two months.
  • … shows appreciation for her man at all times … no complaining.
  • … will not bother her hubby while he’s on the PS3 or 360.
  • … would let her man be the MAN and not be controlling and all in his face complaining all the damn time!
  • … would fry some chicken in nothing but her lingerie and heels for husband.
  • … gives you cute babies.
  • … would still have sex with her hubby even though she’s mad at him!
  • … never lets her man feel as if another man has something he doesn’t.
  • … knows how to cook … and not in the microwave.
  • … belongs in the kitchen and the bedroom.
  • … still looks poppin’ during and after her pregnancy.
  • … cooks him breakfast before he goes to work and runs his bath water when he come home.
  • … cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, services the unit, irons your clothes, makes a killer cafe con leche.
  • … is gonna make sure that her husband eats breakfast no matter where he’s at.
  • … knows how to cook!
  • … understands her role in the relationship.
  • … knows that sometimes ya gotta let a man be THE MAN.
  • … remembers that porn stars know best.
  • … is hard to find these days.

I guess I’d better go learn how to work an oven if I want one of these prize specimens to be mine for life.