Is This Half Snuggie Genius Or Fugs?

Designer Eryn Brinie is a fave of Rachel Zoe, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba—she’s got this vaguely Euro style going on with her clothes and focuses on basics. Well, I’m not sure if this is one basic or a combo of basics, but Eryn’s sleeve muffler scarf, with its multifunction personality, can be worn as a scarf, shawl or cardigan. It sort of looks like the travel-sized version of the Snuggie, but in a good way. I’m always finding that my arms are the body part that let me down; they get quite a bit colder than the rest of my body (must be that whole core versus extremity thing). But things change once I get inside whichever overheated place I’m headed. At that point, I don’t need the extra arm coverage anymore and I just want a scarf—which is my security blanket in the winter; I wear one every single day. (I don’t care if the pashmina is uncool. I still have a giant collection of them I use as scarves!) But, perhaps, my pashminas have seen their last days? This multi-use scarf/cardi solves all temperature problems. Is it fugly? I can’t tell. Would you wear it? I should say it costs a C-note, so it ain’t cheap. [Eryn Brinie]