Scentbugs Provide Design Aromatherapy

Glade Plug-Ins aren’t exactly chic, and that essential oil tea candle lamp is a relic from your dorm room days. For design enthusiasts, the Scentbug is a new way to make your place smell nice, and fit in with your more grown-up decor. The little domes—available in red, pink, neon, and white (our favorite)—contain a silent fan which diffuses scents from oil-infused discs. Surprisingly, this sleek item is brought to you by Bath & Body Works, which offers up a bunch of fragrance oils to choose from. There’s your traditional vanilla and sandalwood, but also some more exotic options like bamboo, Japanese cherry blossom, or Sweet Pea (we actually have no idea what that would smell like, but it sounds pretty).

This makes us wonder … we know you’re all about having a signature perfume, but does your home have a signature scent, too? []