Pickup Artist Paul Janka Charms Another One

A couple of months ago, we brought you into the world of Paul Janka, aka the World’s Most Subtle Pickup Artist, a title he should clearly trademark soon. Today, one of his conquests shared her experience meeting Janka with Gawker, and we think you’ll find it a truly beautiful story. This woman met Janka at a party a few months ago, after which her invited her to Rome to stay at a friend’s villa. It sounded sweet until he sent her a message that read: “I bought your ticket … Make sure to get a waxing; I’m going to make all your holes very sore.” She decided to back out of their Italian adventure. He sent the cheesy snapshot of himself you see at left to try to convince her otherwise. When she made it clear that, no really, she wasn’t getting on that plane, he wrote her this line of poetry. “It’s a shame you decided to get clever and fuck it all up for yourself.” Ah, but a true gentleman like Janka knows that persistence is a virtue. Even though this all went down a while ago, this woman still receives text messages from him saying things like, “Want some coffee and want it up the ass?” I hope we can all find a guy as romantic as him some day. [Gawker]