Want To Compete In The Naturist Olympics?

In the U.K., journalist Jessica Hatcher was surfing the web when she found an article about the upcoming Naturist Olympics. For those of you who like to keep your clothes on at all times, “naturist” is a fancy term for the nudist community. In the name of journalistic research, Jessica asked to attend the gala and just watch. As in watch with clothes on. A few weeks later she got a call from the organizers of the Olympics asking her if she wanted to compete for her country since there was a shortage of British competitors in her age group. Reluctantly, Jessica decided to take a risk and accepted.

Aside from taking home three bronze medals, making some new naturists friends, and overcoming her fear of getting nakey in public, Jessica discovered a new appreciation for her body. She says of the experience of being nude in front of hundreds of people:

“I feel exceedingly pleased with myself. My body feels like a suit of armor—my skin is doing the job my clothes used to do. And my body hang-ups have gone. In bikinis, I’m forever sucking in my stomach and rearranging my breasts, but naked, there’s nothing to rearrange. I suddenly feel much bolder and braver than I thought I would.” While she hasn’t ditched all of her clothes to join a nudist community, she does see the beauty in the naturist lifestyle. “There is something about being naked that means you are obliged to be friendly and welcoming. When all your defenses are stripped away and you don’t have the identity of your clothes to hide behind, all you’re left with is exactly the same as what everyone else has.”

So what’s next for Jessica? She has been invited to attend a nudist disco but is still contemplating the invitation. Wow. Jessica’s almost inspired me to rip my clothes off. I said “almost.” [Daily Mail]