Levi Johnston’s Manager Fails, While The Impregnator Keeps On Keeping On

As he approaches his 16th minute of fame, Levi “The Impregnator” Johnston is getting more and more erratic. Sure, he has had some successes lately. His Playgirl shoot went well and apparently involved a sexy hockey stick in a tribute to hockey moms. Yes, he was just honored with a Fleshbot Award for best mainstream-to-porn crossover. But he’s already planning to star in a movie, which hasn’t been optioned yet, based on a memoir he hasn’t written yet, for which he doesn’t have a publisher. And his super bootleg manager/bodyguard Tank Jones isn’t doing him any favors, besides hooking him up with his brother who trained Johnston for his epic photo shoot. An item in Page Six today revealed that, after the Fleshbot Awards, Jones asked nightclub M2 to pay Levi $3,000 for a visit, and they politely declined. Jones then offered up the boy wonder for $1,800. The club guffawed and said they would give him “a table with a round of soft drinks.” [NY DailyNews, NY Post] We think Levi seriously needs new representation. Porn awards? Soft drinks? Wildly improbable projects? This manager sounds like he studied at the Megan Fox school of fame? Levi needs someone to reign him in, cause he’d be awfully cute and likable if he wasn’t so busy being a d-bag. And are we really letting a 19-year-old boy toy with our emotions and steal our attention? What has he done of merit, besides confirming our giddiest assumptions about Palin’s villainous character? He impregnated a teenage girl. And we’re like, “That’s super! Let’s see your junk!” Really, America? Is that all it takes?