In Bed With … Ryan Gosling

November 12, 1980, Ontario, Canada
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Capricorn
Mercury: Scorpio
Venus: Libra
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

It’s pure heart when it comes to romance in the world of Ryan Gosling. This is a boy that truly believes in fairy tales and strives to live out romantic fantasies that are worthy of legendary status. He’s intense, extreme and passionate and loves the impossible. In fact, the more fantastical and more over the edge he has to go to woo his lady and make it happen, the more he’s driven to make it work because he thrives on magic. Yes, partnership is a drug of choice, as bonding in that deep emotional way is what brings out his brilliance and the more he can cozy up with someone, the stronger he becomes. However, love isn’t just a linear journey for him, as he is an adventurous soul and is yearning to see, do and feel it all. He’s out for real understanding and honesty; in love this means all or nothing.

Sex Style:

Chances are high that loverman is quite endowed down below [Kiki, you are killing me right now. — Editor] and knows how to turn up the romance, as in whirlwind courtships that leave his objects of desire without any defenses. However, when it comes to sex, he doesn’t lie about his emotions; what he feels for the person he’s in bed with is always equivalent to the generosity and intensity he puts in. He’s not above doing someone he’s only attracted to like he would a hooker. Sure, he’ll make sure he performs well, but won’t play games by throwing in added bonuses that can be misleading. It can take a while for one to decipher all his sexual codes, as he can be rather sporadic, aggressive and inconsistent — he’s not the fastest in finding his groove. The good news though is that once he finds it, he will do all he can to explore it and is the type that won’t be able to hold back his passions — making him one insatiable, wild and unpredictable beast in the sac.

His Type:

Ryan is out for his equal, in power, fame and money. He wants structure and to build a life with someone that can bring in as much as he can in all categories. Beauty and elegance will also play a big part in whom he falls for, as he’s got a superficial hankering that won’t go away, but thankfully it doesn’t cloud his vision when it comes to also needing substance behind that pretty face too. What he’s out for: a philosophical type that is curious about the world, but knows how to hone her interests to be financially secure and emotionally strong. He’s not one for saving damsels in distress, as he’s out for relationships that are spiritually enriching and enlightening. Yes, he’s out to find his Dalai Lama of love, which includes an out-of-this-world bond that science can’t explain, inspiring him to take giant leaps of faith towards an expansive life that is all about creativity, understanding, style, passion and originality.

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