Crazy Idea: What If The “Real Housewives” Did “Wife Swap”?

I, like so many of you, relished last week’s season premiere of the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” the original gangsta of Bravo’s “Housewives” franchise. (You know you can’t wait to watch tonight.) But the fact that they aired the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion special beforehand gave me an interesting idea: what if Bravo started their own version of “Wife Swap”? You know, switched the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and … “Watch what happens.” Let Danielle lay down a few tracks in Kandi’s studio. Let Dina and Caroline do a karaoke cover of “Tardy For the Party.” Let Teresa and Kim trade wigs for the week. Have Dwight give Caroline a makeover. Oh, maybe, Dina could take over Sheree’s clothing line for a week? But why stop there? What if the “Real Housewives of Orange County” switched with the ladies of New York City? The ladies can wander around the gated community looking for the subway and hailing cabs. Gretchen will probably benefit from a lesson in manners from the Countess. Jeana and Jill can talk “real estate.” Ramona and Kelly can beat that obnoxious Tamra into submission with just their evil stares.

And what if the “Orange County” gals switched with the cast from “Atlanta”? Gretchen and Kim can go out trolling for married men. Vicki can give a much needed business seminar to Sheree and Lisa. Tamra and Sheree can work on hatching some sort of bicoastal plan of evil world domination that will never rally get off the ground. But the more I think about it, the New Jersey and Atlanta swaps would really be the best. Up in Jersey, Nene can play with the guard dogs at Caroline’s estate. Sheree can scare the crap out of Teresa’s adorable lil girls with her plastic face and crazy eyes. Kandi can help some of the teenage Jersey boys drop that rap album they have been working on since middle school. Nene can work on getting Dina’s husband on camera. Kim can work on getting Jacqueline’s husband in bed. And Lisa can watch everyone’s pets. In the end everyone goes back to their respective cities a little wiser and with absolutely no desire to ever leave again. The end.

Oh, but the reunion show would be a spectacle to see. I vote that Teresa takes Sheree down first. Or wait, maybe Bravo could take a cue from MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” and have the casts compete in outrageous physical feats. Like table flipping contests! And wig pulls!

Bravo, the possibilities here are really endless.