Egyptologist Zahi Hawass Bad-Mouths Beyonce, Calls Her “Stupid Person”

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass is known for his outbursts. He reportedly speaks in Arabic while attending dinner events and other social gatherings so he can insult non-Egyptians, who he assumes don’t understand his language. And well-known celebrities aren’t off-limits. Earlier this week, Beyonce toured the Giza pyramids with Hawass, who reportedly became annoyed with her attitude because she didn’t show the pyramids the respect he thinks they deserve. “I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamen,” said Hawass, according to an Egyptian journalist who overheard the comments. “She’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand. She’s coming here to take pictures and that’s it,” Hawass allegedly added. Beyonce didn’t understand the comments (unless she’s picked up a Rosetta Stone language program recently), and he pawned her off on an assistant, who scuttled her to a predetermined location to take photos. But I’ll be fair and say Beyonce’s entourage wasn’t on its best behavior either. One of her bodyguards threatened a photographer who was shooting the pop star without permission.

Are you really surprised someone would think this about Beyonce? Let us know in the comments. [Bikya Masr]