What Are The Most Comforting Comfort Foods? Share Your Recipes!

During the summer, it stays light well into the night, and I like to meet friends for late, alfresco dinners. But these days, as darkness falls by 4:30 in the afternoon and it’s nearly always raining, I just want to get home, curl up in a blanket, and down comfort foods like there’s no tomorrow. The dishes that make my tummy the most content are a yummy cheese grits casserole my mom used to make when I was little, macaroni and cheese, and buttered toast — but not all at once!

What are your favorite comfort foods? Share your food coma-inducing favorites in the comments, and, if you have a delicious recipe you’re willing to divulge, send it to [email protected] with the subject line: Recipe. We’ll post the most mouth-watering ones so you’ll have plenty of cozy food ideas throughout the coming cold months.